Charcoal Hair Color in Keller, TX | Charcoal Hair Bleaching

Charcoal Hair Color in Keller, TX | Charcoal Hair Bleaching

Charcoal hair color is the new hair color trend that is widely accepted by most women. Charcoal hair is the latest hair color trend on the beauty scene.

Colorists have been dying their clients’ hair a deep gray shade called charcoal hair color. It is smoky, sultry, and provides a feel of nature.

You can show off your style with our full-coverage, cruelty-free charcoal hair color that is entirely safe for your hair.

Charcoal hair is a mixture of silver and black with a hint of blue, providing an ashy or deep gray shade.

Continue reading to know more about this new trending hair color and tips for taking care of your charcoal color hair

What to Consider Before Getting Charcoal Hair


Charcoal hair color is all about achieving the perfect blend of silver, black, and blue to create a smoldering, sultry dark-grayish look.

It can be difficult to achieve the mix of colors on your own, which is why we recommend that you seek the services of a professional colorist.

It is important to manage your expectations when you want to go in for a charcoal hair color. Before getting a charcoal hair color, we recommend that you bleach your hair first. If you don’t bleach your hair first, the silver and blue tones won’t show up on your hair strands. We also recommend that your hair is cool-toned and does not have any brassy or orange colors left in it.

Charcoal Hair Color Trend

Charcoal Hair Color in Keller, TX | Charcoal Hair Bleaching


Charcoal hair color is great for both winter and summer seasons. For individuals with darker hair who may want to try something new and flexible, you can try out charcoal hair to create a blend of black and gray color.

Below are some great charcoal trend and ideas that you can try out:

This is a beautiful charcoal grey hair idea that is smoky hot and ideal for any occasion. Rolling the hair and the ends give it an even alluring looks.

This charcoal hair is a combination of glamour and style. It is every woman’s desire. The straight down hair that falls flawlessly over your shoulder provide a chick look that makes you feel very comfortable.

This curly charcoal hair combines beauty with youthfulness. It is a great style for teenagers and younger ladies.

This shade of grey charcoal hair color makes you look older. If you want to feel older and make a statement among your friends and colleagues, you can try out this charcoal hair style.

Charcoal Hair Color in Keller, TX | Charcoal Hair Bleaching

This is a touch of simplicity and style. This dark charcoal hair is suitable for casual. It is simple to style and maintain.

This medium-length charcoal hair says it all when it comes to great hair charcoal hair ideas. The lighter grayish color at the ends makes it even more interesting.

This flawless charcoal hair color is the definition of beauty with class. You can decide to pack the hair all over your back or make some fall to the front. You will definitely be the center of attraction among your friends with this hair.

This is another great charcoal hair color that you can also try out! It is a combination of simplicity and style.

Charcoal Hair Color in Keller, TX | Charcoal Hair Bleaching

This charcoal hair will definitely make you stand out in the event or occasion. It is perfect for a dinner date, networking seminars, conference, and any formal occasion that you want to attend. It is an alluring and sultry charcoal hair color and style that you may want to try out.

This charcoal hair is a combination of style and beauty. It makes you look your best even without much effort. With a darker shade at the bottom of your hair and a lighter shade at the tips, you will definitely look and feel you best.

Charcoal Hair Bleaching

Charcoal Hair Color in Keller, TX | Charcoal Hair Bleaching


Just like we said earlier, before getting a charcoal hair color you should bleach your hair first. It is important that you bleach your hair first if you want the charcoal color to come out right.

It is essential that you know how to bleach your hair properly to achieve your desired results. In case you don’t know how to bleach your hair, we’ve got you covered!

How to Bleach Your Hair

If you don’t want to visit the salon, you can bleach your hair by yourself at home. There are certain things that you will need to do this.

The things you will need include:

A hair bleach kit 

A hair bleach kit will include everything you need such as bleach powder, developer, gloves, as well as instructions to follow.

Steps of how to bleach your hair

Charcoal Hair Color in Keller, TX | Charcoal Hair Bleaching

The general steps of how to bleach your hair is as follows:

  • First, you’ll need to thoroughly mix the bleach and developer together.
  • You will then apply the mixture onto your hair. Be careful not to get it on your skin or clothes as it could cause some damage.
  • After applying the mixture onto your hair, leave it on your hair for about 15 to 30 minutes. The length of time you need to leave the bleach on hair can vary depending on your starting color, the specific product you’re using, the volume of your developer, and whether or not your hair have been bleached before.
  • After leaving the bleach on your hair for the appropriate duration of time, you will then need to rinse it out. You will need to use shampoo to rinse out the bleach and condition your mane.
  • After applying conditioner, rinse your hair once more, then wait for your hair to dry.

The Knot Hair and Nail Studio: The Best Salon for Charcoal Hair Coloring

Charcoal Hair Color in Keller, TX | Charcoal Hair Bleaching

If you’re considering having charcoal hair color, the most important thing is to search for a professional colorist that can do the job perfectly.

We recommend that you visit us at The Knot Hair and Nail Studio, Keller, Texas for your charcoal hair coloring. We are known for perfection when it comes to delivering hair care and services to our clients.

For many years, we have always stood out as the best salon in Keller for hair care and maintenance. We provide a variety of hair coloring services including charcoal hair coloring. We help make your hair look just exactly like you desire and even more.

We have a team of professional hair colorists that are always available to help make your dream hair a reality!

We promise to make you look your best by making your hair look gorgeous and trendy.

Book an appointment with us today for your special charcoal hair coloring and any other hair care that you want.

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