Shadow Root Hair Colorist or Specialist in Keller, TX

Shadow Root Hair Colorist or Specialist in Keller, TX : If you want to move from the common ombré or balayage styles and want to try something new, shadow root is a great styling idea that can bring out the beauty in you.

What is Shadow Root Hair Coloring?

Shadow root is a low-maintenance hair color technique in which a darker color shade is applied directly to the roots of your hair, creating a soft, seamless contrast. It is a color technique that gives your hair a vintage and attractive look by creating depth at the root and maintaining lightness at the mid lengths and ends of your hair.

Shadow root coloring is a great and exciting way to refresh your look and give your hair color depth and dimension. Shadow root is often seen with balayage highlights such as blonde highlighted with dark roots. It can also be done with any other hair color.

Why You Might Want to Root Shadow your Hair

Shadow Root Hair Colorist or Specialist in Keller, TX

A lot of women love root shadowing because it brings out the beauty of their hair. Depending on your preference, you could go for a plain root touch-up, refresh your brown hair or highlight your blonde hair.

Root shadowing lets you embrace your forever-growing roots which cut down on the amount of time spent coloring your hair over and over again. You will be able to avoid the “growing out” phase of your natural hair color.

Shadow root is budget-friendly and low-maintenance. It is a blending of dark roots into lighter hair color and you don’t have to touch up your roots every few weeks. The maintenance is low; hence you are able to save more money.

Hair care for shadow root hair is also very easy. You can use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep your shadow roots and upper hair color from fading too quickly.

Shadow Root Hair Color

When you want to choose a shade for your shadow roots, you should always consider your natural hair color. We recommend using a color that is in the same tone family for best results.

If you’re not sure what you should use to cover dark roots on blonde hair? If you’re going for a subtle bronde look, it is best to contrast between a platinum color and dark brown.

If you’re a brunette, we recommend you go deeper with a cool dark brown shadow root. You can as well turn up the intensity with black hair color for your shadow roots.

If you’re a red hair, you can take advantage of a sultry shadow root. A rich cinnamon hue can blend well with dark root, creating a fiery shade.

If you have silver or gray hair, we recommend a darker root shade to add depth and hide those pesky grays.

If you’re still unsure how to pick the best shadow root hair color, you can book an appointment with us for consultation.

Shadow Root Hair Trends and Ideas

Shadow Root Hair Colorist or Specialist in Keller, TX

While shadow root makes most people think of blonde hair with dark roots, it is a universal and highly customizable hair trend that can go well with any color shade.

Below are some shadow root hair trends and ideas

1. Sandy-blonde with soft-brown shadow root

 This combination of sandy-blonde highlights and soft-brown shadow root is a perfect pairing loved by every woman. Have your colorist match your shadow root to the color of your brows, particularly if you’re going for a subtle natural look.

2. Honey-blonde with dark brown

Shadow Root Hair Colorist or Specialist in Keller, TX


The contrasting shadow root of dark brown adds great dimension and spark to this honey-blonde hair color.

3. Platinum blonde with soft shadow root

Pair your platinum blonde hair with a soft, gently diffused shadow root for the ultimate summer look.

4. Soft blonde with slightly darker root

Shadow Root Hair Colorist or Specialist in Keller, TX


Check out this super subtle shadow root with a soft-blonde base and slightly darker roots. If you want to avoid any harsh grow-out lines, this is a great option.

5. Grey with darker shadow root


This cool, icy tone in this grey hair looks very pretty against darker shadow roots.

6. Cool pink with darker roots

If you’re going for a fun hair color, this cute bubblegum pink hair with a contrasting shadow root can do it just as you like. Make a statement and be the center of attraction with this cute pink shadow roots.

7. Razor-sharp bob blonde with dark shadow roots

Shadow Root Hair Colorist or Specialist in Keller, TX

This razor-sharp bob blonde looks very pretty with a dark shadow root. It looks just perfect during the winter as it will in the summer.

8. Dark-brown shadow roots with light and dark blonde

If you don’t want to go completely dark, you can try out this shadow root look. The dark-brown roots blend perfectly with the light and dark blonde.

The Knot Hair and Nail Studio: The Best Shadow Root Colorist/Specialist

Shadow Root Hair Colorist or Specialist in Keller, TX

If you’re looking for a place to have your shadow roots, look no more! The best place you should visit is for your shadow roots is The Knot Hair and Nail Studio.

We have the best colorists that you can find in Keller and Fort Worth. Our highly experienced colorists are available to attend to your needs. They are also available for consultations and professional advice.

We can help blend your colors to provide the perfect shadow roots that you always dream of. We provide you with the best services and hair care that you can only think of.

You can give us a call or book an appointment for inquiries and advice about the best color combinations for your shadow roots.

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